• Toast

  • Cutting of the Wedding Cake

  • Throwing of the Bouquet 

  • Throwing of the Garter

  • Bride and Groom First Dance 

  • Father/Daughter Dance

  • Mother/Son Dance

  • Money Dance

  • Wedding Party Dance

Each event will be customized with the perfect music to create an atmosphere you and your guests will remember. ​

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We are your Wedding Specialist

You have dreamed of your wedding day your whole life!  You have spent countless hours planning and sharing your dream with family and friends. You want it to be perfect and everything you have always imagined. Whatever your dream wedding is, DJ B Carrion will help turn that dream into reality.  

​From the Bay Area to Lake Tahoe, DJ B Carrion has performed at several hundred weddings. We take pride in making every wedding event special and unique. From our initial consultation, our very own trademark bridal party introduction, to the last song on your wedding day, your wedding will be an unforgettable day for you and your loved ones. 

​DJ B Carrion will help to make sure that your itinerary is followed while working closely with photographers and videographers to help catch the following: